High Performance
for Sports

Together to a new level

+++ Mobile match recording and training video analysis devices + camera tower + tall stand + telescopic pole + sport video stand +++

Training analysis &
winning moments

Talent isn’t everything. Hard training and perfect team play can take your game to the next level.

Training and match recording can help you to:
+ analyse your game,
+ optimise the game tactics,
+ highlight any errors in your play,
+ record winning moments.

With stability at your side: Equipment from KARO Sportsystems offer an easy and professional way to record sports performances on video.

Extra mobility for away games…

Our sport video stands have been proven to work –

Our customers include the German and Austrian Football Associations, the Swiss Super League and many successful clubs in professional and amateur leagues – and we would be delighted to supply your sports equipment!

It’s east to create videos of matches and training sessions that will inspire anyone – no matter what level you are at or whether you play football, hockey, American football, basketball, golf, athletics, rugby, baseball or handball.

… and at every training session!

Our camera towers are highly mobile, meaning they are available to use anywhere in no time, whatever the weather. They provide detailed recordings of matches and training sessions, even if they are not positioned at a distance from the training field, and offer optimal camcorder control and movement for rapid motion tracking.

From a perspective that is almost equal to normal television standards, you can record video clips for your fans on social media platforms or create mementoes for the parents of the young players at your club!

Sport video stands
for any league

Sport clubs are all about the fun of taking part in team sports and enjoying success together. And when goals or successful moves happen during the game, they should be recorded – even in amateur sport. At amateur level, the option to transport products on aeroplanes, use them every day and control them manually are examples of product characteristics that are not needed. That’s why we develop and produce camera towers for everyone at excellent value for money.

Our camera towers enable you to make professional recordings of your team’s matches and training sessions – from a perspective that is almost equal to normal television standards. No matter what your preferred sport, you will get high-quality footage of your sports event.

Professional equipment
for the most demanding users

Professional sportspeople want to be among the best and get even better – that is the challenge they face. Match recordings enable moves to be analysed and team play to be optimised. We also want to be among the best. That’s why we produce equipment for professional sport that meets the highest quality standards of the most demanding users.

Our tall stands had already been proven to work when they were used by the German police. Then in 2013, the German Football Association approached us and asked us to design a sport video stand for the German national football team. With the care, experience and genuine passion of two sports fans, we worked together with our business partners to develop the camera towers in the MoTrack series, which were used at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Today, our high-quality systems are used by professional clubs around the world at matches and training sessions.