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MoTrack – our best sport video stand systems for professional use

Our camera towers in the MoTrack series are designed for professional use. With a working height of 10 m, high stability and optimal camera control, they are enough to satisfy the highest standards. Their high quality of finish ensures that they offer a long service life – even with daily use.  The MoTrack Pro (2022) is now completely wireless – the camcorder is controlled remotely via a radio control unit and the video is transferred in Full HD via an HDMI transmitter. The castors make it easy to transport. The Pro version is supplied in a rolling hard-shell transport box that is suitable for transporting on flights to far-off training camps.

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StartUp “Mobile” fixed installations – our sport video stand systems for immediate setup and recording

No personnel required – the StartUp-model sport video stand systems are set up in a fixed position close to the playing field before the training session or match. The position of the camera is set using the radio-controlled, motorized pan-and-tilt head (live image on the tablet). The wide angle of the camera is large enough to film the entire field from behind the goal and from the corner flag. This is also nearly possible from the side line at a distance of approx. 10 m, depending on the size of the field (the corresponding corner flags may not be in shot).


Our tall stands for photographers and filmmakers for recordings at a working height of up to 15 meters

Are you a photographer or filmmaker looking for a high-quality tall stand?
Our aluminium telescopic poles are also available without camera technology, controller or accessories. Our 10-m stands are held securely on four legs for maximum stability. Aluminium is a low-weight material that offers a higher density than very lightweight carbon tall stands, which are readily available but can easily be moved in the wind. This means we offer stability that pays off when working outdoors and at heights.


Sport video stands
for any league

Sport clubs are all about the fun of taking part in team sports and enjoying success together. And when goals or successful moves happen during the game, they should be recorded – even in amateur sport. At amateur level, the option to transport products on aeroplanes, use them every day and control them manually are examples of product characteristics that are not needed. That’s why we develop and produce camera towers for everyone at excellent value for money.

Our camera towers enable you to make professional recordings of your team’s matches and training sessions – from a perspective that is almost equal to normal television standards. No matter what your preferred sport, you will get high-quality footage of your sports event.

Professional equipment
for the most demanding users

Professional sportspeople want to be among the best and get even better – that is the challenge they face. Match recordings enable moves to be analysed and team play to be optimised. We also want to be among the best. That’s why we produce equipment for professional sport that meets the highest quality standards of the most demanding users.

Our tall stands had already been proven to work when they were used by the German police. Then in 2013, the German Football Association approached us and asked us to design a sport video stand for the German national football team. With the care, experience and genuine passion of two sports fans, we worked together with our business partners to develop the camera towers in the MoTrack series, which were used at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Today, our high-quality systems are used by professional clubs around the world at matches and training sessions.